Junior Performing group

The youth dance group, “Rosa” Junior, has been established in 2015 by Nora Pavlova-Alexandrova. It started with only six kids, whose parents were members of the adult performing group. Gradually, the group expanded, and up to date, 15 children from ages 9 through 15. The program has been designated to teach children from various age authentic and choreographed Bulgarian dances and include them in the different cultural revival programs of the adult group. In such a way, the children get exposed to the full extent of the rich Bulgarian heritage and culture. By encompassing folk dance, music, traditional costumes, ancient traditions, and crafts they get connected with their roots and see the traditional Bulgarian family values and how those morals intervene with the recreated traditions and everyday life.

The junior performing group plays huge role during International night presentations at local schools by making easy connection with the audience and complimenting the adult performance. Working with the kids toward achieving artistic excellence will teach them on persistence and dedication and will transform them into strong leaders, who will understand the value of artistic expression, and the power of cultural understanding.