Performing group

In 2010, Bulgarian Folk Dance Group “Rosa” has begun as a small group of enthusiasts, who got together to learn authentic Bulgarian dances “hora”.

Throughout the first two years, about 25 authentic “hora” were taught. In January 2013, with the addition of the Artistic Director Vesselin Vassilev, the group began working on choreographed dances. Under his valuable and skilled leadership, the group’s repertoire expanded tremendously and to date, the ensemble performs dances from all Bulgarian folk regions. Bulgarian Folk Group “Rosa” takes part and presents at various venues and occasions such as International folk festivals, International local schools’ and universities’ nights, community events, and Bulgarian dance festivals throughout the United States and abroad. To ensure that the audience can experience the full spectrum of the Bulgarian Culture, the group has acquired traditional Bulgarian costumes. The costumes are from different Bulgarian folk regions and are in unison with the specific dances’ areas.